About Us

The most important thing about The Sheep Milk Company is its farm fresh milk.

Set in the rolling hills of The Forest of Bowland, The Sheep Milk Company’s home of Laund Farm provides the perfect backdrop for this budding enterprise.

Co-Founder and Sheep Farmer of the Year 2011 winner Simon Stott has spent the past 11 years perfecting this 1,000 year long tradition of milking sheep. The result is our award winning sheep milk products of milk, cheese and ice cream.

With the milk taste of cow’s milk but with added cream, the real qualities of sheep’s milk come from its health benefits.

Sheep Milks creamy taste and texture is thanks to a higher fat content than cow’s milk – 6.7 percent to 2.5 percent respectively. However, the fat globules are much smaller so the body is able to digest them more efficiently making it perfect for consumers with lactose intolerance. But, the health benefits don’t just stop there, calcium content in ewe’s milk is higher, as are the phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, zinc and iron levels.

Hand crafted with expertise The Sheep Milk Company provides the best sheep milk products available.

With a wide range of cheeses and ice creams, The Sheep Milk Company is the place to shop. By using our online service it couldn’t be any easier to order milk, cheese and ice cream.